Your Makeup Brushes Could Be The Reason You’re Breaking Out

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Do you follow a strict skincare regimen, change your pillowcase regularly, yet still find yourself waking up to painful red bumps that can be seen from outer space? Your makeup brushes could be the culprit.

According to The American Academy of Dermatology, makeup brushes grow bacteria and fungus that can lead to acne and dermatitis, a condition that can result in itchy, swollen and oozing skin. To keep that from happening, it’s essential that you keep your brushes clean—and it’s easier than you may think.

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In a perfect world, you’d clean your brushes after every use (and wake up next to Paul Rudd every morning!), but a weekly deep clean will suffice. There are plenty of brush cleansers on the market, like Beautyblender Solid Blendercleanser, that will leave your brushes squeaky clean. If you don’t want to spend the money on another beauty product, the sulfate-free shampoo you have in your shower will do the trick. All you have to do is fill a cup full of warm water and a few drops of the cleanser or shampoo. Then gently swirl your brushes in the solution and rinse! The key to drying your brushes is to lay them flat with the bristles smoothed out on a dry towel.

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If you clean your brushes regularly, not only will you find that you breakout less, but your brushes will last much longer, saving your skin and wallet in the long run! Tweet me @emmyfrase if you are jumping on the clean brush bus!

The Best Dry Shampoo For Every Hair Type

Dry shampoo can give volume to flat hair, extend your blowout for a few extra days, and hide the fact that you skipped a shower and slept in. Dry shampoo has become a staple in most people’s beauty regime, but if you have ever been overwhelmed by the variety or underwhelmed by the results, read on!

When I was in beauty school 12 years ago, there were about two dry shampoos on the market, and one of them is still worth noting to this day—Batiste! This product will absorb the oil in your hair, while giving you a lift at the roots and doesn’t have an overly powerful aroma. It works wonders on limp locks and coarse mops and won’t break the bank at $7 a pop!

If you have super fine and flat hair that gets oily, try Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo, and thank me later. It gives my hair thickness, volume and grit and works best for styles with texture. Word to the wise: if you don’t like the feeling of product in your hair, this one isn’t for you.

If you like your hair sleek and silky, Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day is your best bet. It absorbs oil on the scalp without leaving your hair feeling gritty. It’s a great way to freshen up post-workout hair, too. Its light and fresh scent is an added bonus.

If you’re a brunette and hate dry shampoo that leaves a gray cast on your hair, then Dove Care Between Washes Invisible Dry Shampoo is for you. It gives your hair a freshly blown out look without leaving a white residue.

Dry shampoo has come a long way in the past few years and now there’s a product out there for everyone! If you try one of these products, tag me in your IG story @emilyfraserhairandmakeup and let me know what you think!

Bridal Makeup: How To Look Like Yourself On Your Wedding Day


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Have you ever seen those before-and-after makeup pictures on social media that don’t even look like the same person? While that takes A LOT of skill on the artist’s part, maybe you’ve decided you don’t want a dramatic transformation. Maybe your go-to makeup look is mascara and chapstick. Maybe you have freckles that you actually love and don’t want them covered up. Whatever the case, you have decided that on your wedding day, you want to look like yourself, but just a little more glamorous.  I’m here to give you a few tips on making your wedding day vision come true!

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You want to find a makeup artist who knows how to execute the look you’re going for. The best way to do this is to look at their online portfolio. Do they have pictures of glowy skin? Soft but defined eyebrows? When you start saying “I love that!” over and over, reach out to the makeup artist and see if they have your wedding date available.

As a makeup artist, I’m going to let you in on a few techniques I use to create natural but glamorous bridal looks. Prepping the skin with the right products is the number one way I make sure that your makeup will last and look flawless in person and in photos. When the skin is hydrated and smooth, your makeup will glow. Have you ever put on makeup, only to find that it emphasized every fine line or tiny blemish? With the right prep and products for your skin, your makeup will look natural, hydrated and healthy.

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On your wedding day, you are going to want to wear a little more makeup than usual so that it shows up on camera. This does not mean your makeup has to look heavy. I focus on applying the right amount to look vibrant in photos, while still looking natural in person. A skilled makeup artist will make sure you are wearing the right color and finish for your skin type. I want your foundation to look like your second skin, not like a mask!

  • Blush is your key to not looking washed out in your photos! Soft pinks and corals will give you a youthful and healthy glow.
  • Are you considering false lashes? When expertly applied, lashes will make your eyes look defined and you’ll forget you’re even wearing them!
  • Finding your perfect lip color is important! You will want a color that compliments your skin tone and makes your teeth look white. Long-lasting lipsticks tend to feel really dry so I advise brides to wear traditional lipstick or gloss. This will be the only thing you will need to touch up throughout the night.

One last thing to keep in mind is lighting! The right lighting is key to beautiful wedding day makeup! Have you ever gotten ready in your bathroom, only to look completely different in the mirror in your car? As a professional makeup artist, this even happens to me when I don’t have the proper lighting in my bathroom at home. When I work, I travel with a professional makeup light that mimics natural daylight. This ensures that you’ll look great in photos and in person.

I hope this post answered some of your questions and made you feel confident that you CAN love your wedding makeup, even if you’re just a mascara and chapstick kind of girl! If you have any other questions or concerns about your wedding day makeup, feel free to reach out!